Haswell Greens

Haswell Green's

Named after New York City's Forgotten Father, Andrew Haswell Green, the brand new Haswell Green's fuses beer hall casual with craft cocktail culture, focusing on time-honored favorites with added twists.  Haswell Green's is at the forefront of cocktails and beer culture for Broadway NYC, bringing inventive cocktails and an ever-changing craft beer selection for locals and tourists alike. It's food program, as lead by the luminary Chef David Coleman, elevates well know New York favorites. His menu offers shareable, flavorful and unforgettable versions of what you thought you knew, with a penchant for wood-fired cooking. Live music every night enhances the vibrant, lively atmopshere. The large space is perfect for private events and groups, yet features many comfortable lounge areas to enjoy and intimate conversation over drinks. A place where you can enjoy an expertly made classic cocktail or try something new right in the heart of Time Square. Cheers to New York!